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    Body Art…10 Columbus Blvd…etc..

    2013 - 05.02

    WOW! So much going on, I can hardly keep up on this page! As some of you know, my pieces are hanging in 10 Columbus Blvd, thanks to my business manager Ginny Averertt Kuhn! I have gotten a lot of great feedback, along with interest in buying. So…on the body art project…we are in the works of making it happen, Henry Claudio, thanks for believing in this and making it happen, and JC Next Level Entertainment, thanks for supporting and helping make this happen!! Meetings this weekend, so stay tuned. Any models interested, please inbox me at scullygallery@comcast.net Gonna make this happen..just be ready for it it!! Also make sure you check out Macabre Film Festival 3..I’m the hostess, so get ready!!! Buy your tickets!! Don’t forget about Parafest in September!! For more info, contact me! With all of this going on, how can you NOT be happy? Keep the positive flowing….

    Macabre Film Festival!

    2013 - 01.10

    Hey everyone…sorry it’s been so long to post but I have had A LOT going on!  Happy New Year!!!   First off, thank you for all of your support!  It is greatly appreciated!  Second, thank you to LC Macabre and Adam Ginsberg.  You guys know why. Much thanks to my team, Ginny, Laura, Lisa and Alicia.  Without you guys, we couldn’t make any of this stuff happen.  Like you guys said…just be the talent..leave the rest to us.  ;)   So…as for upcoming events…Come check us out at the Macabre Faire 2nd Film Festival..details below and also a link to purchase your tickets, but also, next SCully Gallery showing is February 7, from 6:30 to 8:30.   Come one, come all!  Finger foods will be provided!  To inquire about the SCully event, please email scullygallery@gmail.com.  Invites to be sent shortly. Stay tuned for more folks…we’ve got a lot in the works!  In the meantime, hope to see you all at the Film Festival!  :)   And as always…let the positive flow.  <3

    Macabre Film Festival Details:

    Saturday, Jan. 19
    Meet & Greet with Tea & Cookies 11:30am – 12:45pm
    First Film begins at 1pm with Jon by: William Instone
    Screenings go until Midnight
    Music from 5:30p to 7:15p then again from Midnight – 1am
    Sunday, Jan. 20
    Screening Hours: 12:30p to 5:30pm
    Award Ceremony from 7p to 8pm

    Advanced On line Tickets:
    $20/Day Pass
    $30/2 Day

    Tickets at the Door:
    $25/Day Pass
    $35/2 Day Pass

    Discount available for Groups of 10 or more

    The Humble Buffet Voucher $10 at the Door Only
    (allows you to pile it up 1x)

    Cash Bar

    Upcoming Event! Macabre Film Festival!!

    2012 - 04.23

    Ok folks, we had so much fun at the Macabre Faire, they decided to hold a film festival June 22, 23 and 24!  It will be taking place at the Best Western in Rockville Center, NY, so make sure to book your rooms if you are planning on staying for a couple of days.  The after parties are just as fun!  ;)   You like scary/horror movies?  This is the place for you!  Once again, vendors will be set up, and you never know you will meet!  I guarantee you will have a most wonderful time!  Did I mention Pool Party!?  Well, I just did…so get your bathing suits ready!  For more information, check out the link below.  More information will be posted, so stay tuned.  Oh and if you haven’t hit up the Macabre Faire 2012 group yet, do so ASAP!  Many events are posted there and information is posted there regularly.

    In the meantime, been busy with creating, and posted some of my newest creations tonight, so check them out when you have some free time!  Feel free to email me in regards to sizing and prices.  Prints of original work are also available.

    And as many of you know already….my closing statement…let the positive flow!!  :)

    www.twitchtwitchproductions.com – for more information regarding the Film Festival.

    Macabre Faire 2012

    2012 - 04.16

    WOW.  That’s what sums up this whole weekend.  I had the most incredible experience with this group of people, I can’t even put it into words!  All I have to say is, if you missed this event, Macabre Faire 2012, I am really hoping to see a bunch of you at the next one!  Performances were incredible.  Deep Rising, Ignite Violet and Frenchy and the Punk all performed and they were both most wonderful!  All of them had such great personalities and I danced my heart away!  If you haven’t checked them out, be sure to do so!  You will not be let down, I assure you!!  Also can’t forget to mention that we met Doug Jones!  You may know him from Hell boy, the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four, and many other great films..be sure to check him out!

    LC Macabre and Adam Ginsberg did a heck of a job putting this whole event together, so a round of applause to you both.  I am very proud of you guys.  :)   There are too many names to mention in this blog, but I also appreciate the many great folks I met while I was there…y’all know who you are.  :)   Planning to post pics here soon!  Thanks for great times, great memories, and here is to many more to come!  Many thanks to those who have been supporting me from the beginning…with out your support, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did this weekend…and a big Thank you to Laura for helping me out and keeping me sane!!  ;)

    It touches my heart to see and hear that people can connect with what I create…and that for me is what is most important.  I appreciate you all for that, and I thank you.

    So…with that said…if you guys haven’t checked out Macabre Faire yet…check it out!  More events to come, so you will most definitely want to follow it!  Stay tuned folks.

    Also!!!!   Maine show is happening Labor Day weekend and Open Studio Hartford is taking place November 11 and 12, more details to come…I know…it’s early, but what’s wrong with planning ahead?  ;)   And as always…keep the positive flowing..  :)

    A New Adventure…

    2012 - 03.20

    Spring is upon us.  :)   FINALLY!  This is the time to go out and dance with the flowers that are blooming!  Feel the Spring air, twirl around in a park in a sundress and feel beautiful.  :)   For the ladies anyway.. LOL.  For the fellas, watch them do just that, and appreciate them.  :)

    In the meantime, I’ve posted a few new paintings, and I am also posting a few links to an event I will be displaying my art in April, which is the Macabre Faire 2012.  Hope to see you there!!!  Many guest appearances and performances…get your tickets now!!  Until next time…let the positive flow…  ;)

    www.TwitchTwitchProductions.com    For more information

    www.Macabre FaireTickets.com  For specific ticket purchasing page

    Winter is Upon Us…

    2012 - 01.30

    So far this Winter has been interesting.  Starting off with our “freak” winter storm in October, which actually canceled Halloween!  However, at that time, I realized how even more blessed I was when my great friend and her family took the kids and I in so we would be safe and warm with no expectations.  That’s a true blessing right there, which I will forever be grateful for.  Time after that seemed to take off and here I am in late January!  Open Studio Hartford was most excellent once again.  :)   I’m already excited for next year!  I also submitted pieces to Capital Community College which are displayed January 23 through February 4, 2012.  One of my pieces was even displayed on the back cover of the brochure…out of over 300 pieces!  I’ve also finished writing and putting together a book I’ve been working on for quite awhile, and it’s off to a couple of great friends of mine for editing.  Hopefully, within a month or so, I’ll be able to send it off for publishing and get it out to all of you shortly after that.  I’m looking forward to your feedback!  :)

    One event coming up is the Macabre Faire out in Long Island, NY!  April 13-15, 2012.  (more details to come)  I’ll be there, with my artwork on display and lounging around with the ghouls.  (Hey, I’ve got to make up for missing Halloween!!!)  It’s going to be a great event, with many displays, fashion, art, even a famous actor from some of your favorite horror flicks!!  Email me for more information!  :)

    Other than creating, I’ve been living day by day, minute by minute.  Honestly, that’s all you CAN do, because the future holds a lot of ‘what-if’s’.  You never know what the future holds, and you’ve got to just live your life, the best way you know how.  Lessons are going to come your way, all day, every day, not just for you, but for ALL of us.   Recognize that, and don’t be quick to judge, don’t be quick to run, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t be quick to give up.  Stay strong and keep on living and do the best that you can, for you and for others.  I’ll keep you all posted on upcoming events, and in the meantime….stay warm and keep the positive flowing.  :)

    Welcome Fall…. :)

    2011 - 10.06

    Well, Fall is officially here!  And yes, I’m still staying busy.  I’ve posted a few paintings I’ve done over the last couple of months so take a quick peek.  The cupcake pic is for a new shop that has opened, Sweet Spot Bake Shop in Windsor, CT.  Try to take some time to check it out!  The cupcakes are to die for.  :)

    So, the Labor Day art show was once again, a BLAST!  Took a completely different approach this year and the wind decided to stay away, so all went smoothly.  We actually saw a few people that strolled through last year, this time with a baby!  Congrats!  ;)   The camping experience was great as well.  Kudos to my business manager Ginny who also knows her way around a campsite!

    Here we are in October, and I’m prepping for the November show!  Open Studio Hartford is happening November 12 and 13, so plug that in your calendars!  The theme this year is Double Digits, so I’m still working out the image in my head, but I’m sure something will come to me.  :) In the meantime, looking forward to apple picking and carving pumpkins with my kiddos and baking pumpkin seeds.  Who doesn’t love fresh baked pumpkin seeds!?

    So as always, let the positive flow, and enjoy this fall season.  :)

    It’s been too long!

    2011 - 07.20

    Ok, shame on me for taking so long to post another message!  But I must say, I have been keeping quite busy!  I’ve posted more of my work, so that’s a start.  :)   So, the last year has presented many lessons for me, and I’ve learned quite a bit, not only what’s going on in my life, but with the art. I’m so grateful for the people I have around me, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I see so many people making things happen for themselves, and it fills my heart.  It’s great to see so many people focused on what they want to see happen, and they are DOING it.  And so am I.  It’s really inspiring.  Frustrations do pop up now and then, but that’s normal.  It all depends on how you handle the situation.  You’ve got to push that positive to eliminate anything negative coming your way.  Light and love.  :)   So, updates on shows…I’ve got the Maine art show coming up again during Labor Day weekend.  Looking forward to the new adventures!  I’m also participating in the Open Studio Hartford 2011, which will be happening in November, so stay tuned for details.  I will be submitting pieces for the October show in Long Island again, so we shall see what happens with that.  Just need to manifest!  In between painting, work, and taking care of the kiddos this past year, I’ve also written a book that will also include my art pieces.  As of now, I’m typing it up and the goal is to have it out to the world by December 2011.  I’m doing my best to make it happen!  With that said, I better get to it…and as I always say…Let the positive flow.  :)   Many blessings to all of you!

    Mills Pond House

    2010 - 09.13

    The good news keeps coming!  I found out today that two of my pieces will be displayed at Mill Pond House Gallery, located in Long Island, for the month of October.  I’ve included their website if you’d like to take a look at what they have going on.  http://stacarts.org/exhibits/list   The two thumbnail pieces are shown here, but you can also view them in the paintings gallery to see the full view.   Wish me luck!  :)   Keep the positive flowing!!

    Maine Art Show

    2010 - 09.08

    What an amazing experience!!  I participated in an art show in Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, ME.  I met so many great people and got to experience the beauty of Maine.  :)   Now back to work on the projects and the theme piece for the Hartford show in November.  And as I always say…let the positive flow….